"In view of current situation due to COVID-19 Pandemic, Naldehra Golf Course will remain closed w.e.f 22-04-2021 till further order."

Forum-Naldehra Golf Club

Code of conduct:

• Keeping the above in view, tournament committee has formulated certain norms which will be mandatory for the members to observe. The Committee gives assurance of fair play without any favouritism. Members must play at Naldehra Golf Course minimum twice a month failing which right to be part of Naldehra Golf Club team in a tournament will get diluted. Repeated or long absence may compel the management to initiate sterner action.

• On a tournament day, kindly do not embarrass the organisers by demanding preferential treatment.

• Members are humbly requested to be punctual especially on the tournament days.

• All games are played by gentleman. Golf too seeks divine messengers, Say no to orchestration; do not bring bad temper to the course, be the epitome of sporting ethos.

• Avoid forcing last minute changes on the organisation, especially through emotional blackmail.

• Suggestions are welcome provided you join hands to implement them.

• Be polite to the ground staff and caddies.

• Kindly, do not patronise a particular caddy. The practice engenders infective depravity.